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No Patient Left Alone Law

POLICY# NS.005.1108

It is the policy of St Helena Parish to provide guidance to staff in compliance with Louisiana ACT No. 367 known as “No Patient Left Alone Law”.   Having a reliable person to visit serves as a source of strength and companionship to a patient.



  • Inpatient admission can be a scary experience.

  • Patients may be intimidated by the sights, sounds, and smells, long periods of isolation, and strangers coming in/out of the patient’s room.

  • Children, elderly, those with behavioral health challenges, intellectual disabilities may find the process of inpatient admission overwhelming.

  • The patient may not be able to adequately process the information that they are being given (ex: diagnosis, medication management, safety procedures, recovery instructions, or food/liquid limitations.

  • Extended inpatient stays may cause depression, anxiety, diminished will to improve or even live.



  1. Any patient over 18 years of age may designate individuals who will not be denied access to visit in person during any inpatient stay including a public health emergency (PHE).

  2. Clergy may visit patients during normal operations and during a (PHE) when the patient requests. Special consideration will be given to patients receiving end-of-life care.

  3. Visitors have the right to consensual nonsexual physical contact such as holding the patient’s hand or hugging. 

  4. SHPH may not require visitors to submit proof of any vaccination or immunization.

  5. Visitors shall be required to wear appropriate PPE if the patient or the visitor exhibit signs/symptoms of communicable disease.

  6. Visitors shall follow the facility’s visitation hours unless special permission has been given for extended or overnight visitation.

  7. Visitors shall be allowed to visit the patient in their room, they may also access any public areas of the facility.  Visitors may not go into other patient rooms without express permission from that patient.

  8. Med/Surge visiting hours are from 08:00 am to 09:00 pm, times are subject to change if needed.

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